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Jam Paper Clips White Jumbo 2 Inch clips 75 clips per pack (2184934)
Jam Paper Clips White Jumbo 2 Inch clips 75 clips per pack (2184934) $4.50 - $4.50 0 Reviews

Jam Paper Medium Cutter (15 x 4 1/2)
Jam Paper Medium Cutter (15 x 4 1/2) $24.50 - $24.50 0 Reviews

Jam Paper Round Clips Black Circular clips 50 clips per pack
Jam Paper Round Clips Black Circular clips 50 clips per pack $6.00 - $6.00 0 Reviews
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Development of nanotechnology in the paper the special effects - nanotechnology, the paper - Printing Industry
As excellent chemical activity of nano-materials, as a catalyst in the paper chemicals, waste water treatment has broad application prospects. Nanotechnology applications in addition to the paper, the current packaging and printing industry there are many uses, such as packaging and printing of nano-adhesives and sealants, nano-magnetic materials, nano-substrate packaging materials, nano-catalysts and purifying agent, Nano-emitting materials and security printing.

Paper industry: the excessive expansion are to blame - Paper, Paper - Paper Industry
Paper High profit growth the industry is only as short-lived, the economic crisis turns sharply under the impact of the situation. The reason, in addition to the global economic crisis has led to a slowdown in overseas demand for "universal factors", the market boom of the industry covered up the truth of market adjustment lag. Hand of the market has repeatedly delayed, causing the size of the paper industry regulation and planning failures, this accumulation of negative effects are profound reasons behind it.

Offset caused by several reasons for missing paper collection and Strategies - offset, to close paper, Offset - Printing Industry
1. In Offset printing Paper curl when the paper received uneven Mainly due to improper moisture control layout. Paper moisture content is normally under normal circumstances, should at the state level, and paper fibers absorbing ability. However, when the plate too much water, paper, water content than normal limits, the fibers will swell, so that the paper curl distortion, so that part of the management board received on paper, on the soft curl of paper can not control the weak, resulting in uneven collection of paper fault. Offset should be strictly controlled sections of water, not dirty version of the premise, using the least amount of water; distribution according to the location of graphic plate to adjust water supply to reduce the be ...


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